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Our heritage

Our heritage

  • Growth phase


    • PSG Konsult listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in June 2014 and on the Namibian Stock Exchange in July 2014, with a market capitalisation of more than R9 billion.
    • PSG Konsult's share price hit a milestone and closed at R5.00 per share on 28 February 2014.
    • The over‐the‐counter share trading platform was closed on 30 May 2014.
    • PSG Konsult has grown to a business operating from close to 200 offices, with over 600 advisers servicing more than 150 000 clients and managing more than R112 billion in assets.


    • PSG Konsult undertook an internal restructuring and repositioned the business under three distinct divisions: PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management and PSG Insure.
    • PSG Konsult indicates its desire to list on the JSE main board.
    • PSG Konsult's 15-year conference was held in May 2013 at Sun City.
    • PSG Konsult acquired a further stake of 15% in Western Group Holdings Limited on 1 June 2013, followed by the buy-out of the remaining 10% held by management and the subsequent disposal to Santam of 40% of the shareholding in September 2013.


    • PSG Konsult acquired an initial stake of 24% in Western Group Holdings Limited, a Namibia-based holding company with two short-term insurance licences (one in South Africa and the other in Namibia) on 1 March 2012, and increased its shareholding to 75% in November 2012.
    • The group undertook a rights issue in September 2012 and successfully raised R187.7 million.


    • PSG Asset Management, which previously consisted of PSG Fund Management, PSG Alphen, PSG Tanzanite, PSG Absolute Investments and PSG FutureWealth, was amalgamated with PSG Konsult on 1 March 2011.
    • PSG Konsult acquired Equinox, which was converted into PSG Wealth's online unit trust trading platform (LISP), and the Pleroma Insurance Brokers Group in May 2011.

  • Acquisition phase


    • Effective 1 March 2010, PSG Konsult acquired a 100% stake in PSG Prime. Today, this is part of PSG Wealth's trading and investment platform, and facilitates commodity trading.
    • The Group increased its shareholding in PSG Employee Benefits to 74% in March 2010.
    • The Group entered into a strategic underwriting partnership with a short-term insurer in March 2010.
    • The group acquired various wealth, short-term insurance and employee benefits businesses.


    • Effective 1 May 2009, PSG Konsult acquired the private client stockbroking division of Tlotlisa Securities (T-Sec).


    • The group acquired the book of business and technical know-how of the short-term insurance administrator Brosist, and the business operations of the short-term insurance broker Multifund in March 2008.
    • PSG Konsult acquired 49% of the shareholding in PSG Konsult Nhluvuko (PSG Employee Benefits, as it is known today), our BEE initiative, in March 2008.
    • PSG Konsult's 10-year conference was held in May 2008 with more than 800 people in attendance.


    • The group undertook a rights issue in March 2007 and raised R41 million. It now had more than 500 shareholders.
    • PSG Konsult acquired the business of Multi Insurance Brokers Administrators, a short-term insurance administrator in September 2007.
    • PSG Konsult partnered with ADM Investment Services International to establish an international share trading platform in October 2007.


    • The group undertook a rights issue in March 2006 and successfully raised R86 million.
    • The group acquired the short-term insurance group Multinet Makelaars and the short-term insurance administrator, Topexec, in April 2006.
    • PSG Konsult acquired the private client financial planning and investment business Advance Wealth Management (AWM) on 31 October 2006.
    • PSG Konsult acquired Online Securities effective 1 November 2006. Today, this is part of PSG Wealth's trading and investment platform, and facilitates online stockbroking.
    • PSG Konsult had 175 office across South Africa and Namibia at the end of December 2006.


    • The group opened its 100th office in Port Elizabeth in January 2005.
    • With effect from 7 March 2005, PSG Konsult's shares were made available to the public on an over-the-counter trading platform for unlisted shares, in a trading range of between 40c and 50c per share. PSG Konsult had 122 shareholders at 28 February 2005.
    • PSG Konsult acquired Vleissentraal Short-Term Insurance in May 2005 and the Dynarc Group in August 2005.


    • In terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act PSG Konsult's Financial Services Board licence was awarded in December 2004.


    • The group achieved a net profit of R1.1 million for the 2003 financial year, with R392 million in funds under administration.
    • The group expanded its short-term insurance distribution network by acquiring an interest in Meesterplan in April 2003.
    • PSG Konsult acquired a 51% interest in PSG Konsult Namibia, a wealth management business in Namibia.
    • PSG Konsult acquired the distribution network of PSG Investment Services and the Appleton Wealth Management businesses in September 2003.

  • Development phase


    • The group's network of offices expanded to 70 offices across South Africa by the end of 2002.


    • PSG Konsult opened its head office in Hermanus in January 2001.


    • PSG Konsult's first conference was held in February 1999 with 46 people in attendance.
    • The group's network of offices expanded to 45 offices across South Africa by the end of 1999.


    • Willem undertook a feasibility study on the relationship between financial consultants, accountants and the client, using the knowledge he obtained from his accounting firm Theron du Plessis in Middelburg (Western Cape). He approached PSG Group in April 1998 with this idea.
    • Jannie Mouton and Jaap du Toit, directors of PSG Group at that stage, liked the idea of this business model and this lead to PSG Group acquiring a 50% interest in PSG Konsult for R2 million.
    • The first directors' meeting was held at The Terrace (Cape Town) on 7 August 1998, with a management team including Willem Theron, Wallie Krumm, Pieter Willem Moolman, Theo Biesenbach and Koeloe Landman.
    • PSG Konsult was in full operation by September 1998, with seven offices across South Africa.


    • Willem Theron, our current chairman, and Wallie Krumm, former director and founding member of PSG Konsult, discussed the business model on which PSG Konsult was formed in a coffee shop in Hermanus.

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