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Our values

Our values


To be the leading professional financial services group in Southern Africa and selected regions abroad.

Mission statement

To make a difference in the lives of all our stakeholders by creating and preserving wealth through excellence.

Core principles

Our clients are our priority

We undertake to advise clients at all times with the highest level of good faith, integrity, professional knowledge and diligence.

Our people are our strength

We will always prefer internal promotion, and when we hire externally we will hire the very best people. They must have both the capacity and capability to integrate into our organisation. We accept that this process means wider internal review and consultation during the hiring process. We all take responsibility for this process. We will not compromise on the quality of our employees. We believe in a culture of performance and meritocracy where income, promotion and progression are always based on individual excellence and the overall betterment of our firm.

We are a team

We fundamentally believe that providing excellent service to our customers and building a great business is a team effort. In our firm, 'we' and 'our' take precedence over 'me' and 'my'. In running our firm, we believe in clear lines of responsibility and the ownership of decisions, but we always seek to use all the available skills necessary to be informed on all business matters.

We will provide clients with the best products, backed by superb systems

Our entire approach is based on building multi-generational relationships with families or forging long-term ties with organisations we service. We believe that outstanding long-term service is dependent on skilled and reliable staff, and superb platforms and systems. We strive for excellence in both areas.

Growth is part of our DNA

We prefer organic to acquisition growth and will only acquire a business if there is a compelling strategic rationale, clearly definable synergies, the people are culturally aligned to our own, it can be integrated immediately, the price is acceptable and we have completed a thorough due diligence. Even then we understand that one unit of additional acquired revenue is almost always riskier than an equivalent unit of organic revenue. We believe in thorough analysis of business matters and detailed preparation, and at the heart of this thinking is the fact that any business issue can be quantified, measured and then managed. We accept that decisions sometimes have to be taken without perfect information. We are not afraid to take decisions in these circumstances. We aim to get most decisions correct, but accept that despite our very best intentions things can and will go wrong. We will not be afraid to analyse and admit errors or mistakes. Indeed we believe it's the only way to learn.

We will adapt to the constantly changing business environment

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our business model. We constantly aim to identify new trends and potential risks. Looking into and understanding the future helps to ensure that we are not hostage to short-term budgets and current organisational structures. We embrace any change that new information requires.

We are first and foremost a South African company

We want to be a good corporate citizen that will actively seek ways to contribute to the betterment of our country. We undertake to comply with all legislation and regulations.

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