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Code of conduct

It is a business imperative that all actions undertaken in PSG's name are executed ethically and professionally. For this reason, the Board has implemented a company-wide code of conduct, which requires:

  • advising clients with the highest level of good faith, integrity, professional knowledge and diligence
  • providing clients with accredited products and services which will appropriately address their particular needs
  • ensuring that all client funds are always directly deposited with the relevant financial institution
  • disclosing the exact amount of commission and fees earned
  • complying with legislation regulating the financial services industry

Directors also disclose their personal financial interests at the start of every Board or committee meeting.

Competition Act

We are committed to growing our business and increasing our profitability through vigorous and fair competition in compliance with all applicable competition laws.

We have formalised a Competition Law Compliance policy, which sets standards for compliance with competition law and assists employees to make the right decisions in their interactions with competitors, customers and suppliers. All employees are responsible for familiarising themselves with the policy and PSG will take strict disciplinary measures for any non-compliance.

Treating Customers Fairly

We maintain a strong client focus in all that we do and are committed to achieving the Financial Services Board's (FSB's) Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) outcomes.

We have implemented a TCF policy to apply and monitor TCF principles throughout our business. It considers both what TCF regulations state and the spirit in which the FSB set these regulations. The application of TCF principles is overseen by the Board.

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