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The Wealth Perspective - Fourth Quarter 2016

13 December 2016

The Wealth Perspective - Fourth Quarter 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of the Wealth Perspective

In this edition, our Chief Investment Officer, Adriaan Pask, provides us with an overview of recent macroeconomic events and explains some steps to follow to help you navigate ongoing uncertainty. Lizé Visser, Executive Director Sales and Client-centricity, writes about the value of managing your own investment behaviour as volatile market conditions continue to provide challenges. Grant Meintjes, Head of Securities, shares his insights about how you can hold direct shares in retirement products. Willie Fourie, Head of Estate and Trust Services, reminds us to review our estate plans given the recent legislative changes to how trusts are taxed. Lastly, David Chard, Head of Life and Invest, provides some insight into how improvements to the PSG Wealth platform and processes have benefited both you and the financial advisers we serve.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Wealth Perspective

Marilize Lansdell

Welcome to the latest edition of The Wealth Perspective. As 2016 concludes and we head into a new year, I am sure many of us share a sense of relief at the thought of watching this eventful year conclude. The best way to ensure you start the year off on a positive footing is to take charge of your own plans – personal, investment, business or otherwise. We have therefore decided to put retirement annuities and tax free investment plans under the spotlight in the run-up to the end of the tax year.

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A word from our CIO

Adriaan Pask

Reacting to the string of macro-economic events

Political changes and economic uncertainty have rocked local and global markets over the past year. The most important lesson that we can all learn from this is not to panic. In this article, we explain the global and local dynamics that have affected markets and are likely to continue to influence markets in future. We conclude with a useful five-step plan to help you navigate the short-term volatility that we anticipate will continue.

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Industry views

Lizé Visser

Managing your reaction to market changes can improve your outcome

Ongoing market volatility naturally makes one feel nervous. It puts the spotlight on how you react to short-term changes in markets – should you be making changes to your portfolio? It is hard to remain calm and stay on track to achieve long-term goals and avoid being derailed by short-term noise and market movements. A sound long-term investment strategy can help ensure success, especially if you are saving for retirement. It has been proven that we should avoid acting out of fear when the latest headlines are unnerving.

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Investing and trading

Grant Meintjes

The benefits of direct share investments in a retirement portfolio

The PSG Wealth Private Share Portfolio offers you the best of both worlds – the investment opportunity of owning shares combined with the tax benefits of retirement investments. This product is suitable if you wish to be more involved in the choice of shares you hold in your retirement investments. However, it is important to remember that regulatory restrictions for retirement products still apply.

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Estate matters

Willie Fourie

New legislation may affect your estate plans

The Davis Tax Committee has finalised their report, which contains several proposals for National Treasury to consider. In addition to this, parliament recently passed the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill. The proposed changes in the report and the new legislation may affect your estate plans and any trusts that you may have in place. We urge you to actively review these changes to ensure they don’t have a negative effect on you.

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Quarterly Insight

David Chard

Ensuring a positive client experience while we grow

Our business continues to show considerable growth thanks to the trust you place in us. This brings new challenges. We must accommodate strong growth from an operational point of view without compromising your overall experience. We have therefore been hard at work – streamlining operational procedures and improving our processes to enable us to serve you better – even as volumes continue to grow.

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