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We offer a unique service orientated concept, through which clients' financial requirements are personally addressed and managed by highly qualified and experienced financial planners, portfolio managers, short-term brokers and stockbrokers.

The following services are available :

  • Specialist advice in respect of investment management, share trading and other sophisticated investment instruments
  • Managing of local as well as foreign investments and financial transactions
  • Advice on long-term insurance such as retirement annuities, endowment policies and life insurance at the company of your choice
  • Advice in respect of medical funds and insurance
  • Advice on short-term insurance for your personal assets (eg. motor vehicles and household contents) and business assets (office equipment, machinery, buildings, etc) at the insurance company of your choice
  • Estate planning to structure a client's financial matters in respect of his will, property, trust, insurance, income and estate duty
  • Property and asset finance which includes residential bonds, commercial finance, moveable asset finance and debt consolidations
  • Retirement planning in respect of a client's retirement income which will maintain his lifestyle and capital needs
  • Monthly feedback and status reports on managed share and investment portfolios
  • Advice on employee benefits and related matters
  • Expert advice in respect of pension and provident funds