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PSG Assist

Services are available to qualifying clients. Please contact your financial adviser if you want to add it to your policy or if you require more information.

Visit the PSG Assist website at www.psg.co.za/assist
The website provides comprehensive product descriptions, details on new benefits, special offers and frequently asked questions.

0860 522 522

All of the following FOR ONLY R29.00 p.m.

Roadside Assist

PSG Assist is there for you for mechanical and electrical breakdown, and also when involved in a collision.
Annual Limit: R3 000 (incl. VAT)

Mechanical or electrical breakdown

  • Within 100km of your permanent residence, PSG Assist will tow your vehicle to the nearest repairer.
  • Outside 100km of your permanent residence, PSG Assist offers the following:
    • We will tow to the nearest repairer
    • Accommodation to a maximum of R1 000 (incl. VAT) per incident OR
    • Car hire with maximum limit of R750 (incl. VAT) per incident
    • When car hire facility utilised, and vehicle is needed to be repatriated, an allowance of R750 per incident is available.

Please note: For car hire facility, a valid credit card and drivers' licence is required. Car hire is subject to availability.

Vehicle locksmiths, flat tyre, jump start of flat battery and 20 liters of fuel are also products available under the Roadside assist benefit.


  • Vehicle will be towed to the nearest PSG Assist approved repairer.

Advanced Household/Office Maintenance

Annual Limit: R4 000 (incl. VAT)
Excess amount R280 (incl. VAT)

  • For electrical, plumbing, appliances, motors, electronics and locksmiths excess applies above R600.
  • For relocation and other excess always applies.

This comprehensive product provides you with assistance for day-today household maintenance:

Electrical and plumbing:

  • Maximum cover per claim: R2 000, up to 4 faults per claim.

Appliances, motors, electronics and locksmiths

  • Maximum cover per claim: R2 000, 1 fault per claim.

Relocation and other

  • Maximum cover per claim: R1 000, 1 incident per claim.
  • Relocation benefits include moving company, cleaning services, carpet cleaners, handyman, security consultant, security guard, rubble/rubbish removal.
  • Other benefits include tree felling, beekeepers, DSTV/TV installations, handyman, rubble/rubbish removal, carpet/upholstery cleaning, fumigation, gutter cleaning.

Eezi Assist

No more phoning in for assistance or remembering numbers! No matter what predicament you may find yourself in, with Eezi Assist, help is only the push of a button away. Simply press the assigned speed dial on your cell phone for 2 seconds and we will contact you. As Eezi as that!

Legal Assist

Legal advice and assistance from qualified attorneys on any legal matter including but not limited to; telephonic legal advice, 24 hour legal referral, two 30 minute consultations and standard legal documents.

Medical Assist

Annual Limit: R10 000 (incl. VAT)
Medical Assist offers emergency telephonic advice, emergency medical response, patient transfer, emotional support, tele-counselling and so much more!

HIV Prevention Assist

The possibility of you or a family member coming into contact with HIV/AIDS is not limited to sexual intercourse. It may be contracted through various means such as trauma, blood transfusion, rape or accidents to name but a few. The first 48 hours are critical. With HIV Prevention we will assist you in these critical hours after exposure.

Safe 'n Sound

Annual Limit: 6 trips per annum.
Applicable to personal lines only.
If you are aware of a function or event where after you may need alternative transport home, you may pre-book to be assisted by Safe 'n Sound.

  • 6 free trips per annum within a 50km radius of the city center.
  • After the 6 free trips there is a discounted rate of R290 (incl. VAT) per trip within the specified radius.
  • Extra fees are payable outside of this radius at a nominal fee per kilometer.
  • Additional fees are payable for unscheduled detours, stops and extended waiting times.

PSG Lifestyle

Applicable to personal lines only.
PSG Lifestyle aims to provide members with access to discounted products and services such as online shopping, travel, accommodation, motoring and driving.

Claim Assist

Claims Assist provides you with assistance whenever you need to claim due to collision, theft, broken windscreen/windows etc. We can help you with emergency services, referral to your approved service providers, such as panel beaters and even send you the relevant insurance claim forms.

Please note that Claims Assist does not replace the claims process but ensures quicker and more efficient service. Do not allow anyone to tow your vehicle without first calling us. We will ensure your vehicle is towed to an approved repairer the first time.

Confirmation of Cover Assist

If you have purchased a new asset and require it to be added to your existing insurance policy with PSG, our contact centre can assist.