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Equinox platform integration

Equinox platform integration

By now you have heard that PSG Asset Management and Equinox are integrating their administration systems. By incorporating the Equinox offering PSG will achieve economies of scale that will enable us to provide you with improved levels of service and leaner pricing.

Unfortunately integration on this scale requires that the Equinox trading platform will have to close as indicated in earlier communication. The last day of trading will be Friday, 17 February 2012. From Monday 20 February no trading will be possible until Thursday 1 March 2012. You will be able to view your portfolios and statements during this period, but no transactions of any sort will be possible.

It is our priority to ensure that your experience remains of the highest quality during and after the transition.

We have given great consideration to your expectations and some important points that will assist you in the process are listed below.

Q. Where will I log in to my portfolio?

A. From 1 March 2012 you will be redirected to the PSG Wealth trading and investment platform site at once you click on "Login" from the Equinox platform. There you can login and view your portfolio.

Q. So if I can still log in through Equinox what has changed?

A. There may be users who have selected a username that exists on both the Equinox and PSG systems.In order to overcome this problem, all Equinox clients have been created on the PSG system with "EQ" added to the beginning of their usernameSo if your username was "JoeSmith" it will now be "EQJoeSmith".Your password is currently encrypted for security reasons. That means that we cannot link your existing password to the new PSG system. The first time you log in, you will need to use your South African ID number OR Passport number if you are not a South African citizen as your password. As soon as you have logged in, you will be prompted to change your password.For any assistance with logging in, please click here.

Q. What are the password requirements?

A. To ensure the highest levels of security, your new password will need to be eight to ten characters in length. It must also include at least one UPPERCASE letter and at least 1 numeral. No special characters can be used in your password.

Q. I rely on the information that is available on the Equinox website. Where will I access this information now?

A. You will still be able to rely on all of the information that is available pre-login on the Equinox website.

Q: What else can I expect on the PSG platform?

A. The PSG platform will give you access to many more trading and investment products, as well as a wealth of information such as share info, watchlists, and professional fundamental research.

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