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Private share portfolio

Private share portfolio

The Private Share Portfolio is geared towards sophisticated, high net worth investors who want to include a personalised share portfolio in their investments. With the assistance of your portfolio manager, you choose your own selection of local or international shares. The PSG Wealth online trading platform acts as your stockbroker and your shares are included as underlying investments in your retirement fund or living annuity. This allows you to tailor a unique share portfolio while enjoying a close relationship with your portfolio manager.

Investing in a Private Share Portfolio

  • The Private Share Portfolio is available as a portfolio option in the PSG Wealth Retirement Annuity, PSG Wealth Preservation Fund or PSG Wealth Equity Linked Living Annuity.
  • You can only invest in a Private Share Portfolio when you make use of a portfolio manager.
  • Minimum investment in a Private Share Portfolio: R750 000.
  • To comply with Regulation 28, the maximum allocation to the PSP in Retirement Annuities and Preservation Funds is limited to 75%.
  • For PSG Equity Linked Living Annuities, an amount of 2.5 times the yearly annuity must be kept available for annuity payments and the rest may be invested in the PSP.

Get the Private Share Portfolio Key Information Document.

For more information or to invest, please consult your financial adviser. If you do not have a financial adviser, you can find an adviser here.

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