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Retirement Annuity

Retirement Annuity

The PSG Wealth Retirement Annuity is a personal retirement savings vehicle that offers a number of attractive tax benefits, including:

  • Contributions up to a certain amount can be claimed back from tax.
  • Proceeds up to a certain amount are tax-free at retirement.
  • Investment growth in your retirement annuity is tax-free.

It also helps you to save towards retirement with discipline, as you have to stay invested until age 55.

You can make a lump sum, debit order or ad hoc contributions. Your selection of underlying investments will have to comply with the limits set by Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act (which caps equity and offshore exposures). Choose from a broad range of unit trusts, a selection of hedge funds, and a wide array of shares and other securities through the Private Share Portfolio.

Minimum lump sum investments: R20 000

Minimum debit order investments: R500 per month

Get more information on how to invest or visit our FAQ page.

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Hedge funds are available through duly licensed financial advisers. Please contact your financial adviser for more information.

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