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As truly professional financial advisers, we bring you access to a range of best-of-breed solutions from a variety of product providers.

Objective advice

Our advisers follow the internationally accepted best-practice six-step financial planning process. This process helps to ensure your portfolio is structured to meet your long-term needs, and that you stay on track to achieve your desired outcomes and goals. Our systems have been designed and optimised to support our advisers throughout this process, helping them bring you advice of a consistently high quality, regardless of where you find yourself.

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With more than 250 adviser offices across South African and Namibia, you can benefit from objective and expert advice from a PSG adviser, wherever you are.

Our qualified financial advisers consider your needs and work with you to identify and plan for your financial goals. This includes investing to achieve these goals, insuring your everyday and specialist risks, optimally structuring your estate, making smart investment choices, structuring your portfolio and implementing employee benefit solutions for your business.

About our advice process

We believe that the benefits of quality financial planning can far outweigh the costs. The key is finding a trusted adviser who will work with you in the long run to help you make the best decisions after considering your needs holistically. Our advisers follow the internationally recognised six-step financial planning process, the details of which is agreed to with clients in a personalised client engagement agreement, setting out the appropriate service offering and related fees.

The process steps include:

Step 1

Establishing and defining the relationship with the client

We get to know our clients and their personal goals and agree which advisory services will be best suited to help them achieve their goals

Our commitment to our clients is to ensure they understand the impact of the decisions they make. We do this by communicating openly and honestly, being transparent and remaining focused on addressing the client needs.

Investment advice

To build and preserve your wealth and meet your recurring financial needs, you need to follow the right investment strategy from the start and review it regularly.

Our advisers will tailor your portfolio in line with your financial plan to find the right balance between risk and reward for your needs. There are many factors to consider in analysing financial products, the legal structure governing these and the risk related to making use of them. Getting to and maintaining the right balance takes ongoing expert guidance.

We offer access to a wide range of funds and investment products, all of which we have thoroughly researched and continue to monitor closely, and will advise you on the ones most suitable to meet your needs. (56) As your needs and circumstances change, we will guide you through the most suitable changes to your portfolio.

Retirement planning

Retirement – or rather reaching financial independence - is the biggest and most daunting goal most investors need to plan for.

Considering you could spend more than a third of your life in retirement, you need expert guidance both in the planning and retirement phase. You not only need to ensure you accumulate and grow retirement capital tax-efficiently and within your personal risk appetite, but once you reach retirement, you need to ensure your income and ongoing investments are structured to meet your needs and achieve post-retirement goals.

Our financial advisers are skilled in helping you plan for retirement and guiding you thereafter to ensure your changing needs, goals and circumstances during retirement are planned for and then catered for in the most suitable financial products.

Insurance advice

We can help you identify and evaluate your risks correctly, consider the different options and structure a cost-effective short-term insurance solution.

Our tailor-made solutions consider your unique needs and circumstances to balance value-for-money with best-in-class coverage. Insurance products are complex, with many important technical nuances in cover provided by different providers. By helping you understand and manage your risks better and mapping these to the most suitable cover, we can help you avoid unwanted surprises at claims stage.

Life & health cover advice

For most of us, the ability to earn an income and provide for our families is our biggest asset.

We would like to be able to continue to meet our needs and goals, even if circumstances change suddenly and unpredictably. Life, disability, critical illness and health cover protects your ability to continue providing for yourself and your loved ones when life’s unexpected events occur. There is a wide range of products available in the market, all with varying technicalities that determine when cover is provided and when exclusions may apply. It is very important to understand these technicalities and exclusions before making any decisions on which one is suitable for you. Our advisers can help plan for your income replacement needs in the event of death, critical illness, or disability, and for access quality medical care in the event of a serious illness through the most suitable product.