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PSG Angles and Perspectives Q2: 2016

29 July 2016

PSG Angles and Perspectives Q2: 2016


Anet Ahern

Investors around the world have had to face volatile and uncertain markets in an environment of significant political events, unexciting growth prospects and persistently low interest rates. ... Read more

The active versus passive debate: PSG Asset Management's views

Greg Hopkins

In 2008, Warren Buffett made a now famous million-dollar bet against specialist asset management firm Protégé Partners. He set out to prove that a simple passive strategy - tracking the performance of the S&P 500 - could outperform actively traded, more complex hedge fund strategies ..... Read more

How a flexible investment approach benefits our clients

Shaun le Roux

Emotions get in the way of good investment decision-making. The average investor will always feel more inclined to sell when tough times are casting a negative spell on stockmarkets and to buy when stocks are doing well. ..... Read more

Our philosophy in practice - how we make investment decisions

Paul Bosman

For us at PSG Asset Management it is very important that our clients understand our investment philosophy and what it means for their investment. This significantly reduces the risk of clients taking their money and running for the hills at exactly the wrong time, ..... Read more

The PSG Diversified Income Fund: income and some capital growth

Shaun le Roux Paul Bosman

The PSG Diversified Income Fund aims to provide investors with a real income as well as inflation-beating growth over time. ... Read more

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