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PSG Angles and Perspectives Q4: 2016

30 January 2017

PSG Angles and Perspectives Q4: 2016


Anet Ahern

Despite the challenges of 2016, we believe equity markets may be at an inflection point. For many reasons, 2016 has been descried as a challenging and eventful year. .....Read more

Could 2016 be the inflection point in equity markets?

Greg Hopkins

These are challenging timesd to be making investment decisions . We would characterise the current political and macroeconomic climates in South Africa and abroad as both disturbing and noisy..... Read more

Extrapolating your way to buying high and selling low

Kevin Cousins

Human beings are poorly 'wired' as investors. We have behavioural or cognitive characteristics that - while they may serve us well in other areas of life - conspire to make us poor investment decision-makers. ..... Read more

Flawed incentives - how the market works against investors

The formula for investment success is simple: buy low and sell high. The application of this formla, however is difficult. Share prices are low when investor sentiment is poor, which is reflected in low valuation multiples. ..... Read more

The PSG Global Flexible Sub-Fund: an opportunity to generate long-term wealth

Greg Hopkins

The PSG Global Flexible Sub-Fund aims to achieve equity-like returns at lower levels of risk. ..... Read more

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