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PSG Angles and Perspectives Q3: 2016

28 October 2016

PSG Angles and Perspectives Q3: 2016


Anet Ahern

As a particularly eventful 12 months draw to a close, this edition of Angles & Perspectives examines our approach to investing in turbulent times. For those of you who have attended our recent ‘Outlook’ events, some of the content will ring a bell, and this would please us no end!.....Read more

Investing in the age of turbulence: positioning portfolios when the politics is confusing and the stakes are high

Shaun le Roux

These are challenging timesd to be making investment decisions . We would characterise the current political and macroeconomic climates in South Africa and abroad as both disturbing and noisy..... Read more

Low equity funds are in the sweet spot

Shaun le Roux Paul Bosman

At PSG Asset Management we have a very simple approach to asset allocation. For every individual nvestment opportunity that we cnsider, we derive a required return on the basis of the company's moat, its management as well as its ability to service debt..... Read more

Cisco - a simple investment with significant scope for growth

In a large investment universe simplicity is often more effective. To deliver above-average investment performance, one of the characteristics of our investment process is to keep things as simple as possible..... Read more

The PSG Equity Fund: long-term market-beating returns

Shaun le Roux Greg Hopkins

The PSG Equity Fund aims to provide investors with superior long-term returns by investing in undervalued local and global companies that meet our investment criteria..... Read more

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