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The Wealth Perspective - Second Quarter 2019

27 June 2019

The Wealth Perspective - Second Quarter 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of the Wealth Perspective

In this edition of The Wealth Perspective, Chief Investment Officer Adriaan Pask considers how savers should think about the value they receive. I highlight the importance of focusing on investment behaviours to tame emotion. Nirdev Desai, Head of Sales, considers what spending decisions can teach us about savings. Head of Estate and Trust Services, Willie Fourie, considers the value professional fiduciary practitioners contribute, and Jan van der Merwe, Head of Actuarial and Product, explains how we can take action when we find we are not saving enough. Shreekanth Sing, Technical Legal Adviser, explains why advice is crucial to unlock the right employee benefits offering. Lastly, Ronald King and Abigail Munsami, from our Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs department, highlight how a transitioning financial sector has been to the benefit of investors.

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Wealth Perspective

Marilize Lansdell

July is savings month, and we are considering how our savings decisions measure up.

Humans often don’t do the things that are best for them in the long run. While we all should act like “homo economicus” weighing our choices in cold, calculated utility-maximising rational style, it has been shown time and time again that humans simply don’t. We are committed to bringing you the bigger picture thinking you need to master your own behaviour and stack the odds in your favour, so you can be confident about achieving your investment outcomes.

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A word from our CIO

Adriaan Pask

The cost of ill-informed investment decisions

The modern era of money management has created many opportunities for product providers to add value, especially in the light of the ever-increasing complexity of both consumer needs and financial markets. Value no longer equates only to price or performance. Instead, it is the combination of complex needs that define value for each investor.

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Savings special focus | Part 1

Marilize Lansdell

Four simple investment behaviours that can help you tame emotions

Market volatility often causes people to delay saving for fear of losing money. But the primary reason that people don’t have enough money saved, is simply because they don’t save enough! At PSG Wealth, we strongly encourage our clients to focus on the factors under their control, rather than getting caught up in short-term noise and making emotional decisions. Taming your emotions is the first step towards achieving investment success.

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Savings special focus | Part 2

Nirdev Desai

What thinking about spending can teach us about saving

Asking when saving can be the wrong decision might seem like a strange starting point for an article about saving. While we all like to pretend that money is just money, the truth is that it isn’t and the sooner we acknowledge this, the better. Many of our ‘needs’ are disguised wants. Being honest about this puts you in a better position to prioritise saving. Thinking about when we want to spend our savings, can also help us to identify how it should be invested.

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Savings special focus | Part 3

Jan Van Der Merwe

South Africans are not saving enough – what now?

We often hear that South Africans are not saving enough, and that only 6% of South Africans will be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement. But how do you practically become a better saver?

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Estate matters

Willie Fourie

Value vs the cost of fiduciary advice

Excessive costs can erode your growth, so being cost-conscious make sense. However, cost is only one consideration when it comes to having an estate plan drawn up by a professional. At the other end of the scale there is the reality that any costs saved in terms of fees can be outdone by the cost inflicted by a poorly drafted or invalid will on your loved ones who are left behind.

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Employee Benefits Insight

Shreekanth Sing

Advice is crucial to unlock the right employee benefits offering

When we think about employee benefits (EB), we tend to single out our retirement fund, but a typical EB offering is made up of much more than this. When assessing how the EB package you offer your staff stacks up, you should consider the offering in its entirety. In addition to your retirement fund benefit, it may also include risk benefits like group life, capital and income disability cover. These benefits need to be reviewed holistically, but more importantly, they should be structured to meet the needs of your staff.

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Institutional insight

Ronald King and Abigail Munsami

A transitioning financial sector for the benefit and protection of investors

Getting to grips with the basics of savings and investments and understanding the basic behavioural traps we fall into can go a long way towards improving investment and savings outcomes. However, investors can also take comfort from understanding how a supportive legislative environment is shaping up to help them achieve financial success.

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