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How to invest in offshore shares

How to invest in offshore shares

How do I open an offshore account?

STEP ONE: Register online for a new trading account and PSG web profile.

STEP TWO: If you are a new client, send us the required FICA documents.

If you are opening an offshore allowance account, please download and complete the Foreign Investment Mandate.

If you are opening an offshore asset swap account, please download and complete the Foreign Investment Asset Swap Mandate.

STEP THREE: Contact the Offshore Department on +27 (11) 996 5200 or send an email to and they will assist in opening your account with the relevant FATCA requirements.

How do I trade in global shares?

STEP ONE: Log in to your account, using your username and password.

STEP TWO: Choose your account and place an order through the 'New Order' screen.

What banking details do I use for funds already offshore?

Login to access the banking details relevant to your account.

Please note that the banking details for South African residents are different to those for traders who do not live in South Africa and do not have a South African ID. In addition, please note that cheque deposits are not accepted on either of these accounts.

Direct client fees

Description Fee
Brokerage fees per trade 1.0% no minimum
Clearing and custody fee 0.06% per annum
Stamp duty UK and Far East 0.5%
Ireland 1%
PTM* levy £1 per trade (Only applicable on trades over £10 000 pounds)
Exchange conversion fee (excl. VAT) 0.25% on value of transaction
Offshore Asset Swap Fees An annual asset swap administration fee of 1.25% (excl. VAT) will be levied monthly on the market value of your offshore investment portfolio.
Dematerialisation of certificates £20 per certificate
Transfer of shares (Change of Beneficial owner) £20 per transfer
Portfolio transfer of shares £20 per share
Internal Transfer of shares £20 flat fee
Fund withdrawals Equivalent to £20
Agent wire fees for repatriation of funds AUD 40.00
CAD 40.00
CZK 770.00
DKK 210.00
EUR 30.00
GBP 20.00
HKD 245.00
HUF 8 800.00
JPY 3 900.00
NOK 250.00
NZD 45.00
PLN 120.00
SEK 260.00
SGD 45.00
USD 30.00

*A charge automatically imposed on investors, and collected by their brokers, when they sell or buy shares with an aggregate value in excess of £10 000. The money raised goes to the Panel of Takeovers and Mergers. The Panel writes and enforces the rules by which takeovers of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are conducted.

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