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Investor information

Investor information

Corporate information

Corporate and contact detail
Registration number 1993/003941/06
Country of incorporation Republic of South Africa
Date of incorporation 14 July 1993
PSG Konsult head office and registered address 4th Floor
The Edge
3 Howick Close
Tyger Waterfront
Tyger Valley
Tel: +27 (21) 918 7800
Fax: +27 (21) 918 7926
Postal address PO Box 3335
Tyger Valley
Company secretary Shameemah Hamit
Tel: +27 (21) 918 7800
Bankers Absa Bank Limited
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
First National Bank Limited
Rand Merchant Bank Limited
BNP Paribas
Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc
Cape Town
Attorneys DLA Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
Blake Bester
Werksmans Inc
AO Hall (Guernsey)

Listing information

Listed: JSE Limited – Main board
Short name: PSG KST
Long name: PSG Konsult Limited
JSE code: KST
Currency: ZAR
Reg No: 1993/003941/06
JSE sector: Financial Services
Listed: 18 June 2014
ISIN: ZAE000191417
LEI: 378900ECF3D86FD28194

Listed: Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX)
NSX code: KFS
NSX sector: General Financial
Listed: 16 July 2014

Listed: Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM)
SEM code: PSGK.N0000
Listed: 27 November 2018


Investment case

  • Distribution network

    • largest adviser network in South Africa and Namibia, with a South African footprint spanning the entire country (263 adviser offices, 932 advisers, 413 professional associates and 390 000+ clients)
    • trusted advisers with strong emotional connections to clients
    • entrepreneurial adviser remuneration model encourages client retention and long-term growth
    • alignment of shareholder and adviser interests
    • learner adviser training programme

  • Growth opportunities

    • increased assets under management (both retail and institutional)
    • vertical integration of the PSG Insure division (resulting in a greater share of fee within the value chain)
    • building blocks and solid business foundation in place, allowing strategic acquisitions into new frontiers
    • new offices and appointment of new advisers into existing offices
    • PSG Asset Management (top quartile investment performance and recipient of multiple investment awards) enhances ability to attract assets under management
    • holistic financial services product range meets a broad spectrum of client needs

  • Shareholder returns

    • committed to delivering sustainable business growth
    • maximise every rand of income relative to an acceptable unit of risk
    • significant historic share price appreciation

  • Risk management

    • dedicated integrated risk function and processes in place
    • three layers of defence approach
    • well-established mutually beneficial relationship with regulators
    • strengthening depth of compliance team via compliance officer learnership programme
    • capital adequacy position of all regulated entities constantly monitored to ensure sufficient regulatory capital

  • Governance structure

    • majority of board members are non-executive
    • diverse board and management teams have skills and experience to ensure leadership depth and focus
    • committed to the highest governance standards

  • Brand name

    • PSG is an established and trusted brand
    • committed to brand enhancement and public brand awareness

  • Shareholder structure

    • PSG Group acts as supportive anchor shareholder
    • directors, advisers and employees are significant shareholders in the business
    • listed on the JSE main board in June 2014, on the NSX in July 2014 and the SEM during November 2018

  • Business characteristics

    • experienced entrepreneurial management team
    • profitability of key divisions geared to equity market conditions
    • scalable synergistic divisions with strong operational leverage
    • produce high return on equity, without taking undue risks
    • new share issues limited to prevent dilution of shareholder returns
    • good working relationship with regulators
    • recipient of numerous industry awards
    • primary client exposure relates to higher LSM groups

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