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PSG – Bigger Picture Thinkers

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Our advert tells the story of the 1955 Mille Miglia, an Italian open-road endurance motor race of close to a thousand miles. By moving beyond mechanics and realising the critical importance of navigation, British racing car driver Sir Stirling Moss and his navigator, Denis Jenkinson, considered the bigger picture. They used an innovative new navigational approach that won them the race in record time – a record that still stands today. PSG has used the story of Moss and Jenkinson to highlight how we embrace a similar approach.

How the advert conveys PSG's brand positioning

At PSG we consider it all, which gives our clients the advantage. We do this across each of our three divisions, PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management and PSG Insure; in each of our financial adviser practices across the country; and in each and every day-to-day activity.

The advert communicates this in a number of different ways:

Just like Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson, PSG has the vision of a positive, ambitious and successful end result. We have the desire to achieve great results for our clients, even if it means challenging the norm and doing things differently.

PSG takes a rigorous and thorough approach in all that we do. There is no substitute for proper preparation.

There is a close analogy between the driver/navigator relationship and the client/adviser relationship. With the right direction and guidance, we foster successful partnerships with our clients along their financial journeys.

Using well-known icons gives the advert an international flavour, showing that PSG can compete with our professional product and service offering on a global scale. In addition, the time period and setting is glamourous and aspirational, which encourages positive emotion.

We know that the best results can only come from seeing the bigger picture, and having the courage to act on it. PSG are the Bigger Picture Thinkers.

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