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PSG has a reputable standing in the financial services industry, growing our market share and delivering exceptional results since being established in 1998.

Ownership and independence

As a PSG adviser, you will own a significant majority of your income stream. You will have access to a wide range of best of breed product providers and products, and will have full discretion over where your business is placed. You can also form associations with other PSG advisers and offices, to offer a wider range of services.

Support services

We offer the support you need to deliver quality advice to your clients and build your business:

  • administrative support: HR, financial and operational
  • training and development: induction and ongoing development initiatives
  • IT and Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a comprehensive practice management tool, online planning aids and disaster recovery sites
  • technical advisory services: specialist in-house advice on investment planning, tax, legal and more
  • compliance and risk management: PSG pays FSB levies, acts as key individual and has professional indemnity cover on behalf of advisers
  • marketing support: branding, design and client communication
  • succession planning: contingency planning and securing the future of your business

Our value proposition

We aim to:

  • stimulate growth
  • maximise your time with your clients
  • save you money
  • give you peace of mind
  • increase professionalism

Contact us

Get in touch to find out more about our business and offering.

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