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Business insurance

Business insurance

Business insurance protects your business against commercial interruptions, costs of property damage, theft and claims made against your business by others.

You can take out business insurance for a range of possible losses, including natural disasters, accidental losses, wilful damage and costs of employees failing in their duties.

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What are the options?

  • General business insurance: This is business insurance that covers your business assets against loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other perils.
  • Liability insurance: This is business insurance that covers your business against claims for injury or damage your business activities cause. This is especially important for businesses that work on clients' assets, do work on client premises or provide advice or services that could prove costly if incorrect.

Some business insurance policies combine general and public liability insurance. You can also get business insurance that covers injuries to employees on business premises.

In addition, we offer value-added insurance cover that might be excluded from your business insurance policy. This includes insuring you against excess payments or losses excluded from your standard cover.

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We have close to 200 offices throughout South Africa and two offices in Windhoek. Find an adviser or let us get in touch to quote you on your insurance needs.
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