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Finance queries

Finance queries

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

To withdraw funds from your Equity account or ETF Investment Plan you need to submit a request online.

To submit a withdrawal request:

  • Log into your online trading account.
  • Click on the PORTFOLIO main menu item.
  • Click on the Withdrawals sub-menu option.
  • Your bank details as loaded on our system are listed on this

How do I transfer money into my account?

Please note that the banking details used for your PSG accounts differ depending on the product. Please click on the following links to access the banking details specific to your investment:

Please send this proof of payment to our Finance department to facilitate the allocation of your funds.

Email: Fax: (011) 996 5499 (Attention: Finance)

Please note:

  • Funds may take several days to reflect in your trading as payment journals will only be completed once your funds have cleared in our bank account.
  • If you require assistance please email

Requesting funds to be transferred from one PSG Wealth's account to another?

You need to send an email request to Please clearly state the BDA account numbers of both accounts in this email; i.e. The BDA number of the account you wish to withdraw funds from and the BDA number of the account you wish to have the funds transferred into.

Do I earn interest on surplus funds in my trading account?

Yes, all client funds are held by the JSE Trustees and they negotiate favourable interest rates on behalf of clients.

Please note that interest rates change on a monthly basis, and are only available at the end of the relevant month.

How do I open an Investec Corporate Saver Account?

Complete the Investec Corporate Saver application.

Please send your completed application and FICA documents to:

- Fax: 011 996 5499 (Attention: Venecia)

- Email:

Cost Involved: Client accounts are charged an admin fee of 0.50% on the interest they earn on this account.

How long will it take to open my Investec account?

Once your application forms have been submitted, you will receive an account confirmation within 24 hours.

What is the interest rate for Investec Cash Manager accounts?

View the Investec Cash Manager account interest rates

Withdrawing funds from my Investec Cash Manager Account?

Please send a written instruction to the PSG Wealth trading and investment platform finance department, either via email ( or fax (011 996 5499) requesting the withdrawal and confirming the banking details. The cut-off time for same day payments is 12:00.

Please note that payments made from Investec can take up to two working days to reflect at another banking institution.

SARS Tax Guide on Shares

Download the Tax Guide for Share Owners

This is the latest available version of this document from SARS. Please note that since this document was created, DWT has been increased to 20%.

What is the current interest rate on my trading, CFD and SAFEX account?

The interest rate on your trading account changes on a monthly basis and we are advised at month end what the interest rate will be by the JSE Trustees. The past year's monthly rates are as follows:

Net Gross
February 2017 6.1200% 7.1200%
March 2017 6.1300% 7.1300%
April 2017 6.1800% 7.1800%
May 2017 6.1800% 7.1800%
June 2017 6.1900% 7.1900%
July 2017 6.1600% 7.1600%
August 2017 6.0500% 7.0500%
September 2017 5.9800% 6.9800%
October 2017 5.8200% 6.8200%
November 2017 5.8200% 6.8200%
December 2017 5.8200% 6.8200%
January 2018 5.8700% 6.8700%
February 2018 5.5100% 6.5100%
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