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Trade Shares FAQ

Trade Shares FAQ

Q: What are the implications of the Strate fee change?

A: The change in Strate fee bands is effective from 1 March 2019. The fee charged on transactions will remain unchanged at 0.005787% on the value of transactions, but the fee bands have been adjusted. This adjustment allows for a lower minimum fee applied to transaction below R158 400.00 and also lower fees on most larger transactions. A new maximum fee amount will apply to trades above R1 397 000.00.

Strate will apply a 6% inflationary increase year-on-year on the cap fee.

New fee band

Description Charge (excl. VAT)

STRATE settlement costs (effective from 1 March 2019)

Contract note amount

Current fee

< R158 400.00


R158 400.00 – R1 397 000.00

0.005787% of contract note amount

> R1 397 000.00


Q: Why has the settlement period on the equity market changed from T+5 days to T+3 days?

A: As of 11 July 2016, the JSE will reduce the settlement period to the trading day plus three days (T+3). This is to align its settlement period with global standards. It will also result in a number of benefits for the South African market, including increased liquidity and a reduction in credit and systemic risk.

The new T+3 settlement period is a JSE-mandated, regulatory requirement and will apply to all equity market trades.

For more information regarding this change click on the relevant link below:

Q: I want a trailing stop loss with no expiry period. Is this possible?

A: A trailing stop loss offers you the ability to sell your share if it falls by a pre-determined percentage of its current value. We do not offer unlimited expiry periods since we believe clients should periodically revise their investment strategy and therefore offer a default one month expiry period.

For fixed price stop orders, the price limit will be an exact share price. Once the price is crossed in the direction you have specified, the stop order will be triggered.

Q: Where are the technical graphs you used to have to establish trends on shares?

A: These charts are available under our Research section by clicking on the Charts tab. Standard closing line, bar chart, candle stick and point & figure charts are available with over 40 technical indicators.

Q: Can I set a range for buying a share?

A: There is a Stop Order facility available for buying a share if it goes above or below a specific value.

Q: What is the minimum investment value?

A: PSG Securities Limited has no stipulated minimum but we do highlight that the cost of fees might be disproportionately high, measured as a percentage of the value of the trade, if the trade value is relatively small.

Q: What is the process to follow the first time I buy shares?

A: There are a number of ways you can narrow down the list of shares to buy. You could start by creating a watchlist of "potential winners", and then select the "View as Investor" button. You can select the PE column and then rank from lowest to highest, and focus on the lowest PE multiples. For more information on a chosen share, click on the share code which will take you to the share information page.

Q: How do I subscribe for live prices?

A: If you are a client registering for a new account you can select live prices when you register. If you are an existing client you can select the Live Trader tab on the trading screen and register to receive live prices.

Q: How do I unsubscribe for live prices?

A: Send an email to requesting the deactivation of your Live Trader account.

Q: My live price feed no longer seems active?

A: Your Live Prices account will be deactivated if you have not logged in for the last 21 days, if your cash balance drops below R250, or if your web profile has been deactivated such as when you login incorrectly too many times. Should you wish to reactivate Live Prices on your account, please contact or 0860 774 774.

Q: How do your fees work?

A: We charge brokerage on a sliding scale, depending on the trade value. The minimum brokerage is R98. For a full breakdown of the fees visit our fees page.

Q: What documents are required?

A: There are various documents required, depending on the classification of the vehicle that you invest or trade in. Please view our documents required page.

Q: What are your bank account details?

Login to access the banking details relevant to your account.

Please note that the banking details for South African residents are different to those for traders who do not live in South Africa and do not have a South African ID. In addition, please note that cheque deposits are not accepted on either of these accounts.

Q: How do I withdraw cash?

A: Select the account, then go to the portfolio screen and select the withdraw tab. Double check your bank details and enter the withdrawal amount. Then press submit.

Please allow for T+3 (Trade day + three days) days before funds are available in your account. Depending on your bank, it may take a further two days before funds reflect in your bank account. The JSE settlement period is usually a minimum of three business days and the time taken to reflect in different accounts varies according to the bank concerned.

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