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Swordfish Installation Instructions

Swordfish Installation Instructions

SWORDFISH is a trading platform built specifically for trading on the Central Orderbook. This incorporates trading on Index Futures, Currency Futures and even certain commodities. This powerful trading system was created by Estuary Solutions.

Please visit their website for more information regarding the product or their service offering. We provide this service to our clients at no extra charge. Please note that equity derivative SSFs are traded on the Traditional Orderbook and hence should be traded on the PSG Wealth trading and investment platform.

If you want to access this Swordfish platform, please follow the steps below.

Firstly, you need a username and password. Please contact us on to request one for your active futures account. We will create the username and password and let you know what they are. You will be able to change your password once you have logged into the trading platform.

Visit the Estuary Solutions website:

Select the DOWNLOADS item on the top menu and then click on the download button for the software, Swordfish.

Confirm all the screens to install the software.

Load the software and click on the login / logout button

In the login window, change the Member Code to PONM. Add your username and password and click on Login.

Should you have any queries please contact Estuary Solutions Support on 087 150 5443 or email: alternatively call PSG Wealth support number 011 996 5200.

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