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PSG Wealth tools

Investment strategy

Choose a strategy that suits you
Fundamental research tools explained
  • Click here for an explanation on how to use the fundamental research tools like the Value filter, Quality filter, Search function, Top ten recommendations and Consensus forecasts
Setting up and managing investment clubs

The Investment Club brochure provides an introduction to investment clubs. It will take you through the steps of starting and running a successful investment club. It also provides templates for you to use such as a sample invitation letter, a new members form, a resolution letter and more.

Investment planning

Effective annual cost (EAC) calculator

Input your choice of financial products, and we will generate an investment illustration including the charges applicable to your selected financial products.

The charges on the investment illustration will be displayed in line with the ASISA standard on Effective Annual Cost (EAC) which provides a meaningful cost comparison across financial products.

Click here to access the EAC calculator

Regulation 28 calculator

Make sure your investment complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act and calculate potential Capital Gains Tax implications for your transactions. Check if your investment portfolio will comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

Regulation 28 calculator

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Funds A-Z

View the list of investments funds that we have available and choose the most suitable according to your investment needs.

Funds A-Z

PSG Asset Management tools

Effective Annual Cost (EAC) calculators

The Effective Annual Cost measure (EAC) is a standardized disclosure methodology that can be used by consumers and financial advisers to compare charges and their impact on investment returns on most retail investment products so that consumers are placed in a position to make better informed decisions.

Click here to learn more about EAC.

Click here to access the calculator which will show the charges in respect of rand-denominated funds.

Click here to access the calculator which will show the charges in respect of foreign-currency denominated funds.

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