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Basics of share trading: Technicals and trading

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Basics of share trading: Technicals and trading

In this basic webinar on technical analysis we will discuss what some people may think as complicated on the surface. Technical analysis is all about the analysis of supply and demand in the market. Technical analysis helps both the long term investor and the trader to determine where the price trend is headed. Technical analysis gives you a new set of tools or skills that enables you to be a better trader or investor over the long-term. Our objective is to introduce you to technical analysis and help you to build a foundation that will be needed to understand more advanced concepts down the road.

Hot topics for discussion:
• Price Action
• Basic trend analysis
• Basic technical indicator (MACD)
• Volume indicators (OBV and VPT)
• Relative strength analysis

Presented by Investment Specialist, Shaun van den Berg.
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