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Our multi-managed funds each combine top asset managers who are best placed to make your investment decisions for you. When you invest in one of these funds, you tap into the resources, skills and competencies of more than just one asset manager.

Our range includes PSG Wealth Solutions and PSG Multi-Managed Funds. The PSG Wealth Solutions are available to PSG Wealth financial advisers, while PSG Multi-Managed Funds are available to direct investors and financial advisers.

All funds in both ranges have been designed around specific investment needs. We do your investment research for you, and can negotiate lower management fees on your behalf.

Wealth Solutions

Our range of PSG Wealth Solutions offers local and global multi-managed solutions to PSG Wealth financial advisers.

PSG Multi-Managed Funds

Our range of PSG Multi-Managed Funds offers local and global multi-managed funds to direct investors and financial advisers.

Investment team

The expertise and experience of our investment and management team is critical to our success. Several members of these teams have worked together for several years.

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the core tenets of our multi-managed process: Reduced risk, consistent returns and extensive research.

Our managers

We tap into the resources and skills of top asset managers. We use in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses identify these managers, and to combine them most effectively.

ready to invest?

With more than 200 offices throughout South Africa and both a Namibian and Mauritian presence, quality advice is on your doorstep. Find an adviser or start trading by registering for our PSG Wealth trading and investment platform.
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