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Investment philosophy

Investment philosophy

The investment philosophy that governs our multi-managed approach is based on a number of core beliefs:

  • There are active managers that can consistently beat the market over a portfolio-specific appropriate period.
  • No manager achieves this goal consistently over shorter periods.
  • By blending portfolios, short-term underperformance risk can be reduced without compromising on long- term returns.
  • Competitive fees are the only guaranteed source of alpha (over the short-and long-term).
  • Research pays: Markets are ultimately a zero-sum game and those who have knowledge have power.

Investment process

We identify optimal asset manager combinations to serve specific investment goals. Using specialist skills and processes, we select and combine funds into risk-profiled solutions.

We use:

1. quantitative screening to look for persistent characteristics in leading asset managers
2. qualitative due diligence to make sure that our investments are operationally sound

We then combine asset managers and structure our portfolios to optimise the probability of reaching your goals.

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