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Our Core Fund Methodology

Our Core Fund Methodology

We strive to bring our clients and advisers a wide range of solutions that enable them to tailor their investments to their needs. Choice can, however, be overwhelming. In South Africa alone there are more than 1 300 funds available, while this number increases to 200 000 globally.

Funds available on our platform are divided into three tiers:

  • Tier 1: PSG funds (the PSG Wealth solution funds and PSG Asset Management) funds are designated as tier 1, since they comply fully with our internal governance and risk control criteria.
  • Tier 2: Funds managed by external fund managers that pass our fund screening process, are designated as tier 2 funds.
  • Tier 3: All other funds on the platform are designated as tier 3 funds. PSG conducts a basic administrative screening process on all the tier 3 funds offered on the PSG Wealth platform. This administrative process does not assess the investment quality of the funds.

Only tier 1 and tier 2 funds are added to our Core Fund List. The list offers you funds that have passed our rigorous screening process. This screening process is driven by the research insights of our dedicated multi-manager team, and it provides guidance to help you in making more informed choices.

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