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How to invest in currency futures

How to invest in currency futures

How do I trade in Currency Futures?

STEP ONE: Register online for a new trading account and PSG web profile.

STEP TWO: If you are a new client, send us your FICA documents. We will open your online trading account within 72 hours of receiving these.

STEP THREE: Log in to your account, using your username and password.

STEP FOUR: Choose your account and place an order through the 'New Order' screen.

What banking details do I use?

Login to access the banking details relevant to your account.

Please note that the banking details for South African residents are different to those for traders who do not live in South Africa and do not have a South African ID. In addition, please note that cheque deposits are not accepted on either of these accounts.

Direct client fees

Description Fee (excl. VAT)



Margin requirements

Initial Margin is calculated by the JSE and PSG will require 2 times JSE initial margin

Please note:

  • If the contract is opened and closed on the same day, only the opening leg is charged
  • Interest on cash balances in the account will be paid at the JSE Trustees rate.
  • The funding/earning interest rate applicable to this product is determined by the JSE central order book.

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