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PropTrax Exchange Traded Funds

PropTrax Exchange Traded Funds

Grindrod Bank Limited brings you the Gtrax suite of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) designed to provide investors with low cost, liquid and transparent access to the market. The PropTrax ETF replicates the price and yield performance of Property Index Trackers based on the FTSE/JSE.

Selection of available PropTrax Exchange Traded Funds

CoreShares PropTrax SAPY ETF

PropTrax SAPY was South Africa's first Property Sector ETF that tracks the performance of the FTSE/JSE SAPY Index. PropTrax SAPY Collective Investment Scheme gives the investor access and exposure to the high performance real estate sector. Low entrance levels, reasonable fees and general index stability makes PropTrax SAPY ideal for novice and professional investors.

The FTSE/JSE SAPY Property Index Tracker replicates the price and yield performance of the top 20 South African Listed Property Funds with their primary listing on the JSE. PropTrax SAPY provides access to diversified real estate portfolios, with good income yields and capital stability or appreciation, and is a useful tool for professional investors.

CoreShares PropTrax Ten Index ETF

The objective of the PropTrax Ten Exchange Traded Fund is to replicate the price and yield performance of the Property Index Tracker Top Ten Equally Weighted Listed Property Index (PropTrax Top Ten Index), a custom index calculated independently by the FTSE/ JSE. This index consists of the top ten companies as measured by investable market capitalisation in the FTSE/JSE SAPY Index, but they are held in equal weightings of 10% each. The underlying constituents are rebalanced quarterly.

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