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Stanlib Exchange Traded Funds

Stanlib Exchange Traded Funds

STANLIB Asset Management is in an ideal position to offer investors well-managed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that can achieve competitive expense ratios, high liquidity and fair price. Currently, STANLIB has two equity ETFs and one property tracker ETF.

Selection of available Stanlib Exchange Traded Funds

Stanlib Property ETF

The Stanlib Property ETF will generally invest in all of the component securities of the SA Listed Property Index (SAPY). This index consists of the top 21 companies by full market capitalisation in the real estate sector with a primary listing on the JSE ranked by market capitalisation and liquidity. The aim of the portfolio is to provide returns linked to the performance of the index in terms of both price performance as well as income from the component securities of the index.

Stanlib SWIX 40 ETF

The Stanlib SWIX 40 ETF consists of the shares that constitute the FTSE/ JSE SWIX 40 index of the JSE. This index differs from the Top 40 index in that it only considers the free-float market capitalisation of the company that is held on the JSE register. This means that the dual-listed shares are down-weighted relative to the Top 40 and it is thus considered to be more representative of the universe of shares available to South African investors.

Stanlib Top 40 ETF

The Stanlib Top 40 ETF consists of the shares that constitute the FTSE/ JSE Top 40 index of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. This is an index of the largest 40 shares by market capitalisation, listed on the JSE, after adjusting for free-float. The fund aims to replicate both the capital and income return of the index by holding substantially all of the shares in the index according their index weighting.

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