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Get the right advice for you

We apply strict operational guidelines and follow best-practice advice processes to help ensure the financial advice you receive is appropriate to your needs.

Start saving with your extra cash

As you go through different stages of life, your financial goals will change. Whether it’s a short- or longer-term goal, what does not change is the need for consistency when contributing towards your goals.

Plan for your retirement

For most people, their retirement savings are not enough to retire comfortably. That is why you should start early but even if you haven’t, investing in your future is a life decision that is never too late to make.


What we have done for others

The advice that I received allowed me to focus on the non-profit organisation, and not worry about my personal finances. Thank you for your financial guidance and for being an advocate for all we do.”
Marius van der Colff – George Super Kitchen Founder and PSG Client


Any entrepreneur will learn to partner with people who they trust and who adds value to a business. Our PSG Wealth adviser always displayed these qualities when approached for advice. I know I have a trustworthy partner who shares the same entrepreneurial drive.”
Mihir Mistry, National Director of Operations, Smartboy Food Services


Thank you for always providing useful and relevant content."
Richus Nel, PSG Wealth adviser

Asset Management

Financial advice

Our financial planners leverage off the specialist expertise of our wider network to bring a truly integrated financial planning experience.

This includes investing to achieve your financial goals, insuring your everyday and specialist risks, optimally structuring your estate for the benefit of your loved ones, making appropriate investment choices, structuring your portfolio and implementing employee benefit solutions and insurance for your business.

What are my options?

Save & invest

Your first step to achieving any savings goal is to develop a holistic financial plan to effectively allocate your hard-earned savings.


Investing is when you spend your money on something that promises to deliver future returns, most likely in financial markets. Investing has higher risk and is best for longer-term goals, such as investing for your retirement.


What do you want your retirement to look like? If you are looking for a quality lifestyle in retirement, then retirement planning should be on your priority list. You should start saving sooner rather than later for your retirement.


Owning and trading shares can be very exciting. It can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially during uncertain times. We therefore offer you options: you can either do your own trading or opt for a managed portfolio through a skilled wealth manager.


We can help you protect your belongings, look after your health, and care for your loved ones once you’re gone.

Protect yourself against the costs of damage to your property or household possessions caused by accidents, natural disasters or theft.

PSG Asset Management

This is an established, recognised and respected investment management company with a simple, but comprehensive, range of local unit trusts and international funds. It offers investment management to long-term retail and institutional investors based on a bottom-up approach with a strong emphasis on risk management.

PSG Insure

We can help you protect your belongings, look after your health, and care for your loved ones once you’re gone.

Protect yourself against the costs of damage to your property or household possessions caused by accidents, natural disasters or theft.

PSG Wealth

We offer a comprehensive wealth management service designed to meet your needs as an individual, family or business. Trade in shares and other securities or invest in unit trusts through our online trading and investment platform. We also offer estate planning and fiduciary services. For businesses, we offer a full suite of employee benefits and bespoke multi-managed investment solutions.

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The FTSE/JSE All Share Index and the rand weakened yesterday ahead of President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address (SONA). At 18h00, the rand had weakened by 0.51% to trade at R18.98 against a broadly stronger US dollar, while the JSE lost 0.79% to trade at 73 725 points.

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The Wealth Perspective - Fourth Quarter 2023

In this edition of The Wealth Perspective our chief investment officer, Adriaan Pask, reflects on the actions you should be considering today to plan for a comfortable retirement in the future. Our head of sales, Nirdev Desai, builds on this by explaining that although such long-term planning may involve navigating some uncomfortable periods, these are a normal part of a successful long-term investment journey. Head of Securities Wendy Myers debunks some of the myths around investing in shares – a crucial part of any long-term investment strategy, and legal advice specialist Mariska Redelinghuys explains how selecting an investment product is dependent on the needs of the individual. Head of PSG Life and PSG Invest Haydn Johns shares insights on how to gain the maximum benefit from a year-end bonus before Advice and Product Specialist Robyn Laubscher rounds off this quarter’s edition by exploring the benefits of contributing to a child’s retirement savings. 

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Lessons Learnt and the Road Ahead – Finding Opportunities in 2024

It feels as if “it has been a tough year for investors” has become something of a mantra in the investment industry – and the past three years have certainly delivered their share of surprises. With the benefit of hindsight, it appears increasingly likely that the Covid-19 pandemic marked an inflection point for both market structure and behaviour. We have argued that this is the result of imbalances accrued during the period after the-Global Financial Crisis (post-GFC period) having to unwind, and while the process is far from simple or linear, it will have profound impacts on the returns investors can expect from the various asset classes in the next decade.

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