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PSG Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of PSG Konsult Group. We offer a range of local and global funds, with corresponding feeder funds available from South Africa. Our long-term track record affirms the success of our proven process and offers important diversification and alpha generation benefits to patient investors. We also administer a range of PSG Wealth Solutions on the PSG Collective Investments (RF) Limited administration platform.


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Our funds

We manage a suite of rand-denominated local unit trusts and offer access to global markets through both rand-denominated and foreign currency denominated global funds.

Investment philosophy

We believe that the price you pay for an investment is extremely important and therefore our 3M approach combines a preference for attractively priced investments (our Margin of safety) with a rigorous quality overlay (assessment of Moat and Management). We follow a bottom-up, research driven investment process.

Our research teams create carefully curated buylists across all asset classes from which our fund managers construct portfolios within the parameters of the specific mandates in our focused fund range. We aim to construct portfolios which have a high likelihood of achieving the required return over a range of future scenarios. 

Our long-term track record affirms the success of our proven process, and our funds offer important diversification benefits to a blended client portfolio. Our portfolios are also good options for patient retail investors who can take a longer-term approach to ride out the occasional volatility which is part and parcel of active management.

Our approach to ESG

Meet the Asset Management team

Anet Ahern, Chief Executive Officer, PSG Asset Management
Greg Hopkins, Chief Investment Officer, PSG Asset Management
Charles Lombard, National Manager: External Retail Sales
We will always have a long-term approach .

Latest news

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PSG Asset ManagementAngles & PerspectivesNewsletters
Welcome to the latest edition of the Angles & Perspectives

In this edition, we passionately position our case in favour of differentiated investment management and share insights into how these views are reflected in the portfolios. Despite the challenging investment environment ahead, we believe we are in the process of seeing some great investment prospects unfolding for patient long-term investors. In the first article, Fund Manager Shaun le Roux argues the unwinding of distortions will have a dramatic impact on fund returns in the year ahead. Nonetheless, there are some appealing prospects for differentiated thinkers. Fund Manager Philipp Wörz and CIO Greg Hopkins highlight the concentration we have seen in fund positioning, and offer compelling arguments why differentiated managers bring benefits as part of a diversified portfolio. Lastly, Fund Managers Philipp Wörz and Shaun le Roux unpack how the abundance of opportunities we see are incorporated into our portfolios.

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WealthInsurePSG Asset Management
PSG Group unbundling: 1 March 2022

FAQ relating to PSG Konsult

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Think Big SeriesFuture
Future of a basic income grant in South Africa

Michael is a respected economist focusing on economics, public policy and politics in South Africa. How does a basic income grant fit into the country’s economic future?

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PSG Asset ManagementPSG AngleNewsletters
Why finding real safe havens requires a differentiated approach

The default response for investors during times of upheaval and uncertainty is to flee to safe-haven assets. These usually include cash, gold and developed market (G7) bonds, but investors’ response is typically also accompanied by a switch to quality shares in their equity portfolios as the ‘defensive’ strategy. With the ongoing war in the Ukraine, levels of uncertainty remain high and the range of future outcomes wide. This time, we believe the default path to safety could be dangerous to investors’ long-term wealth. Global bonds look like a particularly poor store of value in today’s climate of negative real yields and pressure on central banks to normalise interest rates. However, we view gold as an attractive portfolio holding and our clients own gold stocks. We also take a different view on which part of the equity market is more likely to preserve and grow capital in the years ahead.

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PSG Asset ManagementPSG AwardsPSG Asset Management awards
PSG Income Fund garners industry recognition at the Raging Bull Awards

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