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We offer access to a full range of short-term insurance products and advice to protect you and your business from unforeseen events. With specialist insurance advisers throughout the country, we comfortably cater to your everyday, commercial and specialist insurance needs.

Find an adviser

We have a network of specialised insurance adviser who can assess your insurance needs and provide you with the best value-for-money solution.

Insurance advice

We have a network of specialised insurance advisers throughout South Africa. They are experts at assessing your insurance needs and provide you with the best value-for-money insurance solution to meet your needs. Our advisers have access to a wide range of the best insurance solutions from South Africa’s leading insurance providers. They will provide all the guidance you need, provide assistance on claims, and review your policies on an ongoing basis to ensure you enjoy the cover you need.

Insurance products

We provide quality advice so you can select the most suitable product from our best-of-breed product partners with confidence.

We partner with leading insurance providers so that you have access to a wide range of insurance options..

Meet the Insure team

Cedric Masondo, PSG Insure: Chief Executive Officer
Henriette Senekal, Chief Executive: PSG Short Term Administration
Karen Rimmer, Head: Distribution Insure

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The first-time car buyer’s guide to insurance

The world of car insurance can be confusing to navigate for first-time car buyers, as there is already so much to consider when selecting the right car and deal. Ultimately, insurance provides a safety net that returns you to the same financial position you were in before an incident occurred. For many, this safety net could make the world of difference when the unexpected happens.

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WealthInsurePSG Asset Management
PSG Group unbundling: 1 March 2022

FAQ relating to PSG Konsult

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When insuring your hobby or sport makes total financial sense

The outbreak of Covid-19 in South Africa and the various levels of lockdown that came to characterise the ’new normal’, have had a profound effect on how South Africans socialise and occupy their spare time. Gradually, under lighter restrictions, people have started to head out, but social distancing still applies, and there is a pervading sense of wariness around meeting in large groups. Add to this the heightened awareness of health, well-being and the importance of achieving those ‘bucket list’ items, it should come as no surprise that many people have decided to embrace new sports and hobbies, particularly ones that involve the outdoors.

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The Wealth Perspective Q1 2022
Welcome to the latest edition of The Wealth Perspective

In this edition of The Wealth Perspective, Chief Investment Officer Adriaan Pask explains that while achieving financial freedom is a process, it is an achievable goal if approached correctly. Head of Sales Nirdev Desai expands on this further by providing context on the disciplines required to achieve these objectives. Head of Securities Wendy Myers looks at the role of securities in realising these goals, and Head of Technical Support Mariska Comins unpacks how to create a legacy of financial freedom for your beneficiaries. Jan van der Merwe, Head of Actuarial and Product, investigates how different products are suited to different individuals on this journey, and Mariska Comins rounds off the edition by detailing the need for a holistic view on the path to financial freedom.

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