For your employees

Healthcare benefits help your employees to protect their most valuable asset – their health. By offering these benefits, you reduce the impact of health-related events on your business.

Our services include:
A detailed assessment to identify and prioritise health risks in your business.

A tailor-made solution: We help you to reduce the probability and impact of health-related events, and to lower your and your employees' financial exposure to these events.

Healthcare management consulting services: We quantify and evaluate your overall healthcare spend and the financial efficiency of your healthcare arrangements.

We align healthcare outcomes to your overall business strategy and make sure that you can measure and evaluate the value we add to your business.

We align healthcare outcomes to your overall business strategy.

Group risk benefits

Risk benefits help your employees to provide for their loved ones in the event of their death and can in some instances also cover dread disease or critical illness. You can offer your staff this reassurance while protecting your business assets by allowing PSG to manage this responsibility.

Our services include:
Group risk benefits offered in conjunction with your corporate retirement fund.

Group risk benefits offered as an independent corporate benefit.

Expertise and experience. We will consider all possibilities and combine them in the right mix for your business.