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PSG Angles and Perspectives: Q2 2017

28 July 2017

PSG Angles and Perspectives: Q2 2017

The quarterly publication of PSG Asset Management which contains regular communications from our fund managers and about our funds.

In this publication we communicate to our investors those thoughts and ideas we believe are important and valuable.


In our recent roadshow presentations, we built on our message of avoiding black-and-white thinking, and emphasised the importance of keeping natural biases and emotions in check with an objective checklist. ..... Read more

Keeping an eye on long-term gains, while understanding short-term pain

It's a tough time for South African investors, with the country having slipped into recession and political and economic uncertainty turning market sentiment. This may make investing uncomfortable, as fear of an uncertain future elevates concerns about risk. ..... Read more

The risks of binary thinking when investing

One of the cornerstones of our investment philosophy is to be prudent when deploying client capital. This means that risk is top of mind when we allocate to any given asset class..... Read more

Managing risk the old-school way

When it comes to managing risk for our clients, we look to the laws of physics economics and human nature for guidance. The key for us is buying with a margin of safety, after running investments we've researched through our brief but informative checklist. ..... Read more

The PSG Diversified Income Fund: a flexible income mandate for risk-managed, inflation-beating returns

The PSG Diversified Income Fund is a flexible fund that aims to provide a reasonable income with above-inflation capital appreciation over time. It invests predominantly in fixed income instruments, but its mandate also allows for investments into equities and property (local and foreign). ..... Read more

Portfolio Holdings as at 30 June 2017

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Performance to 30 June 2017

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Unit trust summary

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PSG Angles and Perspectives: Q2 2017 (pdf)

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