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How to save

Many people mistakenly use the terms ‘saving’ and ‘investing’ interchangeably. Though both are used to achieve your financial goals, there are differences between the two approaches, and each has its own role to play in your holistic financial plan.

Your first step to achieving any savings goal is to develop a holistic financial plan to effectively allocate your hard-earned savings.


Saving usually refers to putting your money into cash or money-market linked products with low risk, and it is typically for short-term goals. You may put your savings into a bank account, where it will earn a small amount of interest at very low risk.


Investing, on the other hand, is when you spend your money on something that promises to deliver future returns, most likely in financial markets. Investing has higher risk and is best for longer-term goals, such as investing for your retirement.


Save for your dream education

Save for your dream house

Save for a goal


To get you started

We have a variety of investment products

We offer a comprehensive range of investment products, with a wide selection of underlying investment instruments for you to choose from.

Through our investment platform, you can invest in our multi-managed solutions, unit trusts from PSG Asset Management, unit trusts from a wide range of other management companies. 

Tax Free Investment Plan

From R6 000

Offshore Voluntary Investment Plan

Minimum lump sum USD/GBP 1 000

Voluntary Investment Plan

From R20 000


From R20 000


What do you want your retirement to look like? If you are looking for a quality lifestyle in retirement, then retirement planning should be on your priority list.

You should start saving sooner rather than later for your retirement.


Do your homework

Markets are volatile and inexperienced share traders can lose money. Take the time to plan, prepare and educate yourself. Define your goals clearly and decide how much you are willing to invest (it’s not advisable to invest borrowed money). As our client, you have access to independently researched fundamental analysis reports on JSE-listed companies and regular material on fundamental research and technical charting.

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