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Fund fact sheets

Fund fact sheets

Fund fact sheets: 28 February 2021

We manage a suite of rand-denominated local unit trusts. We also give you access to global markets through rand-denominated unit trusts that invest internationally, and foreign currency denominated global funds. This allows you to cater to your individual investment needs.

Local Unit Trusts

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Fund Objective Downloads

PSG Equity Fund

Aims to offer investors long-term capital growth without assuming a greater risk, and earn a higher rate of return than that of the South African equity market as presented by the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (including income).

PSG Flexible Fund

Aims to achieve superior medium- to long-term capital growth by investing in selected sectors of the equity, gilt and money markets, both locally and abroad.

PSG Balanced Fund

Aims to achieve long-term capital growth and a reasonable level of income for investors.

PSG Stable Fund

Aims to achieve capital appreciation and generate a return of CPI+3% over a rolling three-year period.

PSG Diversified Income Fund

Aims to preserve capital while maximising income returns for investors.

PSG Income Fund

Aims to maximise income while achieving as much long-term capital appreciation as interest rate cycles allow.

PSG Money Market Fund

Aims to provide capital security, a steady income and easy access to your money.

PSG Global Equity Feeder Fund

Aims to achieve capital growth over the long term with the generation of income not being the main objective of the portfolio.

PSG Global Flexible Feeder Fund

Aims to achieve superior medium- to long-term capital growth through exposure to selected sectors of the global equity, bond and money markets.

Global Funds

Invest in other Currencies

PSG Core Funds




PSG Global Equity Sub-Fund

The fund’s objective is to invest in worldwide equities with the aim of outperforming the average of the world’s equity markets, as represented by the MSCI Daily Total Return Net World USD Index (the benchmark). It is a dollar-denominated global equity fund, domiciled in Malta, whose investment policy provides for it to invest mainly in global listed securities and that aims to reduce the comparative risk (against the benchmark) of loss over an investment period of four or more years.

PSG Global Flexible Sub-Fund

The fund’s objective is to achieve medium- to long-term capital growth through exposure to selected sectors of the global equity market, bond market or money market. The fund is denominated in US dollars and domiciled in Malta. The investment policy provides for an actively managed, flexible asset allocation to listed and unlisted financial instruments according to changing market conditions and the fund may invest up to 100% in equities.

Other PSG funds

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